Welcome to the Gandomcar.com

We are Real Estate Investment corporation, We Buy, develop and Sell Real Estate. We Have Commercial Properties, 1200 Acres Ranch with breathtaking views, Agricaltural Land (Farm), City Lots and Residential Properties For Sale.

We have many beautiful 35, 40, 50, 65 ,85 120 up to 321 Acres Ranch (Farm) with or without Houses, wildlife: Deers, Elks, Bears wild turkey, and much more. Price Starts at $795,000. Call us to make an appointment, Email us at : john@gandomcar.com or call us at 720-309-8676

Our Ranches are agricultural, which are surrounded by subdivision. The subdivision land surrounding us 0.7 to 1.3 acres vacant land sells Starts at $120,000 subdivision are restricted by Covenants,HOA and on. Our properties are not subdivision, we are zone agriculture, that mean we can commercially raise any kind of animals (Horses, Buffalos, Lamas, Ostriches,Cows and much more) and in same time having commercial greenhouses, including commercial marijuana greenhouses, we are not restricted by Covenants or HOA. American Wild West: Our properties are home to a many wildlife: wild Ducks, Wild Turkeys, Deer, Elks, Bears and much more, the perfect environment for wildlife, elks and deer freely graze, private hunting place, what a place to call home. Contact us for more information and any questions you may have: 720-309-8676, or Email us at: john@gandomcar.com